About us

We are all about feeling good. Feeling good about our bodies, the food we eat, our life and the impact we have on the environment. Everything we do is centred around this approach - maximising the opportunity for bringing healthy, feel good products to the market. We could talk about obesity - and it is a problem - but ultimately our brand is about positivity. We know that people will make choices that are good for them when they have the choice. Our goal is to provide that choice. To provide a business that:

  • Recognises that customers want to feel good about themselves and not be ‘guilted’ about the decisions they make.
  • Provides great tasting, healthy food
  • Provides fresh, local food sourced from Australian farmers
  • Has a focus on environmental sustainability

Our first store opened in 1992 and we started franchising in 2004. Since then we have grown to over 28 stores on the eastern seaboard of Australia with a further store in New Zealand. Our growth and passion has seen us recognised throughout the fast food industry as a leader in providing great tasting, healthy food. Our customers just keep coming back with almost 40,000 people each week buying our delicious sandwiches, salads and juices.




CONTACT US ON 1300-00-FFCO (3326)